Burners / Injectors: Dual fuels

Underport Burner

FT Flex gas/oil dual injector enables combustion of gas and oil simultaneously. The oil adds soot formation into the core gas flame leading to extremely high heat transfer to the glass melt. The injection of this unique atomizing solution produces one of the highest furnace efficiencies, and extremely low emission when replacing conventional burners.

Technical Data

  • technical specs

    natural gas, LPG, LNG, propane,
    heavy oil

    energy output
    S (0.3 – 1.5 MW)
    M (1.1 – 4.4 MW)
    L (3.6 – 8 MW)

    natural gas, LPG, LNG, propane

    cooling air
    ≥ 0.4 bar (non-firing period)

    socket plate cooling air
    1 – 2 kPa, 280 Nm3/h (continuous)

  • capabilities

    firing of heavy oil with natural gas combines the advantages of high luminosity of oil flames with the economic benefits of  natural gas

    depending on available media and control system, the following scenarios are possible:
    1) oil burner with up to 40% atomized gas
    2) pure dual-firing with an oil atomizer as an inlet inside the gas injector
    3) pure oil or pure gas firing possible


    pure dual-firing provides the most flexibility of application flexibility from 0 to 100%, resulting in the best available technological and economic effects

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advantages & benefits

  1. adding oil improves radiation characteristics of gas flame
  2. atomizing gas instead of atomizing air avoids cold primary air
  3. high oil/gas ratio operation (0 – 100%)
  4. quick change-over from gas to dual fuel or pure oil backup configuration is possible
  5. fuel cost flexibility

scope of supply

  1. FT Flex gas injectors operating ± 30% of nominal capacity
  2. oil inlets with the required capacity
  3. fully adjustable burner brackets
  4. socket plates
  5. stainless steel flexible hoses
  6. gas spool enabling full control of flame shape and length
  7. tailor-made check valves


  1. optimization of melting process using CFD simulation
  2. rental and maintenance contract
  3. port design optimization
  4. regular service during and after warranty period
  5. control panels & safety trains delivery

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