• Glass Service

    Glass Service, a.s. (GS) supplies innovative services as well as hardware and software products to improve glass melting, conditioning and forming efficiency.
    GS helps customers to increase glass quality, production efficiency and yield while reducing costs and emissions – all with the highest degrees of Responsiveness, Quality and Excellence.
  • STG

    STG Combustion Control GmbH & CO KG is an innovative and technology-oriented engineering company.
    STG realizes solutions for energy savings, NOx reduction, increased melting rates, and optimized process control in particular, for industrial furnaces, mainly in the glass industry.
  • F.I.C.

    F.I.C. (UK) Limited leads the industry in solving difficult electric melting problems.
    F.I.C. has established a worldwide reputation for design and manufacture of electric glass melting systems. These systems are designed for conditioning and boosting in a wide range of glass types and manufacturing processes.
    F.I.C. is a world leader of electric boosting design and supply.