Burners / Injectors: Liquid fuels

Underport Burner

FT diesel oil injector has a unique atomizing solution that results in optimal heat transfer from combustion to the glass melt, one of the highest furnace efficiencies, and extremely low emission when replacing conventional burners.

Technical Data

  • technical specs

    diesel oil

    energy output
    0.26 – 5 MW in 4 injector sizes

    initial pressure
    6 – 10 bar

    operation pressure
    1 – 4 bar + pressure atomized air

    90 – 130 °C

    hybrid operation
    natural gas 13 – 50% caloric

    tempering operation
    all types of oil fuel possible

    air or natural gas 10 – 80 Nm3/h
    (0.5 – 3 bar)

    cooling air
    8 – 25 Nm3/h
    (0.5  – 1 bar)

  • capabilities

    novel configuration of inside atomizer allows for optimal free jet flow

    optimized oil drop size distribution and minimized of inside fuel deposition


    mushroom head fitting to gas injector shape

    possible upgrade to dual firing

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technological flexibility

  1. three (3) different operation modes of atomizing: inside atomizing (most reliable and low in maintenance), outside atomizing, double (combination) atomizing
  2. adjustable double atomizing
  3. primary flame cone angle: 15 – 40°, depending on atomizing operation mode
  4. modular design of burner body and media supplying pipes adapts easily to constructional limits of furnace design

maintenance benefit

  1. atomizing gas parts remain free of oil
  2. clean environment around injector’s working areas
  3. applicable for low-quality fuels
  4. long-working cycles of the injector without maintenance
  5. long survival time when lacking cooling air
  6. atomizer is tolerant when missing oil preheating

scope of supply

  1. diesel oil injectors with the required capacity
  2. fully adjustable injector brackets
  3. stainless steel flexible hoses


  1. optimization of melting process using CFD simulation
  2. rental and maintenance contract
  3. port design optimization
  4. regular service during and after warranty period
  5. control panels & safety trains delivery

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