Burners / Injectors: Gaseous Fuels

Underport Burner

FT FreeJet gas injector-type burner creates extremely low gas impulse that slows down the combustion process and increases soot formation. It leads to optimal heat transfer from combustion to the glass melt, improved furnace efficiency, maximum pull and extremely low emission when replacing conventional burners.

Technical Data

  • technical specs

    natural gas, LPG, LNG, propane

    energy output
    0.2 – 8.5 MW (3 sizes)

    purge air
    ≥ 0.1 bar (non-firing period)

    water cooling
    10 – 20 l/min (continuous)

  • capabilities

    applicable under-port firing for regenerative cross-fired and end-port furnaces

    injection of the fuel into the furnace following the opening angle of a free gas jet

    adjustable gas velocity, vertical, and horizontal angle


    injector positioned flush with inner side of furnace chamber

    position requires water-cooled diffusor

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advantages & benefits

  1. burner technology achieves low NOx emissions
  2. increased energy efficiency
  3. lower crown and waste gas temperatures
  4. lower specific energy consumption
  5. increased melting capacity
  6. decreased thermal corrosion of refractories leads to increased furnace lifetime
  7. low maintenance
  8. less burner block corrosion produces fewer defects

scope of supply

  1. FT FreeJet gas injectors operating ± 30% of nominal capacity
  2. injector brackets
  3. stainless steel flexible hoses


  1. optimization of melting process using CFD simulation
  2. rental and maintenance contract
  3. port design optimization
  4. regular service during and after warranty period
  5. control panels & safety trains delivery

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