Burners / Injectors: Gaseous Fuels

Carbon Free

In 2020, FT introduced in 2020 the NEW Hydrogen Carbon Free burner as a response to environmental challenges to reduce the CO2 footprint dedicated to glass industry applications.

The FT Hydrogen/Oxygen CF burner was designed and developed by a joint team of German and Czech FlammaTec engineers, together with the simulation department of GLASS SERVICE, a.s.

The burner design project required extensive computer simulation and engineering work, followed by a test at a high-temperature combustion facility. The results included proven burner parameters, flame flexibility and a stable, highly efficient combustion process.

Technical Data

  • technical specs



    50 – 1500 kW in 4 burner sizes

    hydrogen gas flow rate
    15 – 500 Nm3/h

    hydrogen pressure at the burner
    20 – 140 mbar

    oxygen pressure at the burner
    15 – 120 mbar

  • capabilities

    designed with one oxygen inlet and one hydrogen gas inlet

    CFD optimized combustion and carbon free flame


    hydrogen and oxygen streams are fully controlled with control valves

    zero* CO2 emission
    *when hydrogen is not mixed with any hydrocarbons

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