Burners / Injectors: Gaseous Fuels

Underport Burner

FT Flex unique dual-gas inlet injector-type burner promotes optimal combustion due to fully independent and reproducible control of inner and outer gas flow. This design for gas distribution control creates ultimate flexibility, optimal heat transfer (due to more soot) and extremely low NOx emissions.

Technical Data

  • technical specs

    natural gas, LPG, propane

    energy output
    S (0.3 – 1.5 MW)
    M (1.1 – 4.4 MW)
    L (3.6 – 8 MW)

    cooling air
    ≥ 0.4 bar (non-firing period)

    socket plate cooling air
    1 – 2 kPa, 280 Nm3/h (continuous)

  • capabilities

    applicable under-port firing for regenerative cross-fired and end-port furnaces

    conventional burners with cast iron plate and nickel-free steel nozzles

    twin nozzle concept with two independent gas streams

    fully controlled dual gas streams with manual control valves


    very low maximum flame temperature resulting from low gas velocities

    inner nozzle position adjustable in wide range

    easy burner angle adjustment

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advantages & benefits

  1. high luminous flame with excellent heat transfer resulting in low NOx level
  2. flexible burner with tunable flame in a wide range of performance
  3. adaptable fit into existing bracket and socket plate
  4. two gas streams are separated completely with the possibility of remote flame length and shape control
  5. better heat transfer from flame to glass surface enabling excellent efficiency and low specific energy consumption (less than 5.5 GJ/ton molten glass)
  6. easy burner angle adjustment

scope of supply

  1. FT Flex gas injectors operating ± 30% of nominal capacity
  2. fully adjustable injector brackets
  3. socket plates
  4. stainless steel flexible hoses
  5. gas spools enabling full control of flame shape and length
  6. tailor-made check valves


  1. optimization of melting process using CFD simulation
  2. rental and maintenance contract
  3. port design optimization
  4. regular service during and after warranty period
  5. control panels & safety trains delivery

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